how to keep the Sabbath in polar-regions

A series of ice drawings
by Orly Orbach

Showing at the new academic building, Goldsmith College
and at London Canal Museum.

From me flows what you call time
Group Research Exhibition
New Academic Building
Goldsmiths College
8-16th May 2014

Museums at Night
London Canal Museum
Saturday 17th May

ice drawing


Buried Doll

Laughing Sally

Cover of Ambit Magazine 182

Ambit 182

Drawings for Hotel Medea

Acrola Theatre, Urban Dolls Production

Rehearsal Drawings


Ancient Bull Gods

King Minos with bull-mask

Earth Bull

Centaur and a Horse's Head

The Trial



thirsty bucket (day and night)

Concept drawings made for Island, a film by Tailormade Productions



Copyright Orly Orbach 2013